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I still remember the winter she came to town. I was working at UWMilwaukee’s child care center, and all around there were billboards and commercials…”This Chrismas, Carole.”

There she was — Carole Meekins. This was news. A black woman, Channel 4 WTMJ - lead anchor. I was impressed and became interested in getting to know her.

She made a visit to UWM for something and her dynamic personality, elegant look and bright red lipstick left an imprint in my mind. She had a voice that carried, without effort and a presence that commanded attention, without being brass, and crass like some of “us” can be.

Several years later, I called or wrote, I forget which and wanted to meet her and just shadow her for a day. She obliged me and my request and let me into her world. She shared insights, mentored me with important advice for my career and did it all between takes of her news broadcasts. She even let me sit in the studio, while she recorded.

Black Women Do Support Other Black Women!

This City — Carole!


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