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—A short excerpt from my trip journal

This is a peaceful place. Full of beauty. My room is guarded by angels, the Virgin Mary and small pictures of Jesus on the wall. Some images are placques, other, shiny picture. They room is the Goldfinch, with a bright yellow door. A room gingerly decorated with pictures of birds atop fragile branches. A floral rug dances masterfully atop the red brick floor. Today I ate dinner at the Flying Star Cafe, a buddah bowl, of course — rice, vegetables, chicken and shrimp with a sesame ginger sauce. I found my way back to Adobenido and listened to stories of a pineapple pig man, the mountains, steak suprises and took a sauna getaway in the back yard of the B and B.

Quotes that made me think that day:
Talent is much best nurtrued in solitude.
When asked what he had done that day, he would answer simply, I went for a walk.

The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude.

How glorious it is and also how painful — to be an exception.


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