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When a girl is little, what she ultimately wants is a father. A man she can trust, count on and who will protect her always and tell her the truth. Well, the same is true for what a “girl” wants in a political official.

I hate, absolutely loathe politicians, almost as much as preachers. (This is not indicative of all politicians nor all preachers — just the ones the permeate my nightmares).

Having said all that, Marvin Pratt is the kind of politician that made me want to endorse politicians again. Forget the dirt lauded at him by “haters” of the black political movement, Mr. Pratt is an intelligent, compassionate and focused human being, who has a deep connection to his family, inlcuding his beautiful wife and children and grandchildren.

I know because I listen to him on more than one occasion. I listen with my heart as well as my ears and I listen to what he doesn’t say, which are things as mean and malicious as are said about him.

Men are, in my mind, supposed to be pillars of strength, courage, honesty and wisdom. Mr. Pratt as the interim/ acting mayor of Milwaukee, is in full possession of those qualities.

After years of not voting, not believing in the political process or in poweful men in suits, Marvin Pratt just makes you want to vote and trust again.


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