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A while back, my mother dropped me off in Albequerque, New Mexico on her way driving back to Arizona from Milwaukee at the end of a hot summer. It was even hotter there. I spent three wonderful days staying at Adobe Nido Bed and Breakfast in the Goldfinch Room. Hummingbirds lived right outside my window and kept me company. Best of all, ambling about the city, I was able to meet a couple of kind gentlemen who took me in for dinner one evening, after watching me walk circles around their block — lost, but not afraid. One of them had a former partner who’d worked on movie sets and gave him the actual table from one of the fight scenes in aquarium and wine goblets used in the movie. I enjoyed dining on it and drinking out of the glasses. I even got tatooed by a guy name Charlie. That was my fourth tatoo, at a funky tattoo at Hardware Body Piercing and Tattoo, near the University. Journaling every day was a treat, and so was the body treatment I received from Betty’s Bath and Day Spa. Their Zorro the Gay Blade was a highlight, as were the eateries in the Old Town shopping district. This picture was taken by a waitress at Julia’s Cafe, who couldn’t get over the fact that I’d traveled there alone. Bitches Ride Alone.


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