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Since I was very young?, I have had a “serious” picture face. I don’t like to smile for pictures, because they magnify my crooked mouth. (Yes, it is crooked, because I was kicked in the mouth my a kid on a swing and it scarred me for life.)

Writing has also been an interest of mine, since my youth. Of course, I started out writing bad prose and stories, all centralized around the theme of love and how even at 12, it had failed me miserably.

But I progressed, and now, I taut that I can write just about anything, but I hate to write about politics. There was one political article that I wrote, though, back in college, about President Clinton. There was no personal interview, but the subject matter was of extreme importance to us “college-kids” back then.

Since I published my first Novella, Thirteen and Twenty-Seven: Another Short Story, writing has become for me an intense trinity: healing,? a place to vent? and a means for connecting myself to the world around me.

So, my face is serious, not because I don’t know how to live and laugh,? but because I am dead serious about my writing.


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