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Sometimes we listen to music and get caught up in the messenger. I believe we rush to judgement because we hear too many “cuss” words, see too many gold teeth and a host of crotch grabbing, and we panic. Groups like Trillville have a message, and however deaf we are to hearing it, they have one.

The beauty of being a messenger of any kind, is that you may deliver your words in ways that suit you. We may not like to see “booty” spilling out of the skirts of women on videos, or hear men ranting and raving about “some cut,” but I maintain in this “free” land we live in that we should be allowed to express ourselves, even if our expression makes others twist, turn and run for the remote control and ear plugs.

I enjoy music — all kinds. I value the talent of putting words, rhymes and feelings to music. And that is where it ends. To appreciate talent doesn’t mean one condones all the behavior associated with the talent, but it does mean that we honor that which another has deemed important in his or her life. Even if that is ragged greetings like, “what it is hoe,” and confessions of overwhelming love/lust that cause us to “follow that ass to the mall.”

People are who they are at that moment. Respect and love are eternal and undeniable and happen from the inside out. Rappers, like music evolve, if given the freedom and space to carry out their passions and desires — safely, legally and without unneccesary judgement, hostility and prejudice.


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