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My first year of college, in the fall of 1998, I was introduced to Freaky Tales. A friend of mine, named Angie, used to snap her fingers deafeningly to each beat of the song, especially when Too Short rapped, “These are the tales, the freaky tales…” I became a fan then, not so much of the “man” but of the art.

The ability to hypnotize people with your words and take them inside your world was a gift that I recognized even then and honored. We couldn’t study without the music, we couldn’t party without the music and it didn’t matter so much about his “sexist” verses and portrayal of women. We didn’t identify with those aspects, and didn’t get mad. We weren’t (aren’t) hoes, bitches, sluts, etc. Honestly, there are women who are. Unfortunately, men have run into them and in many cases then and now, rap about them.

So meeting Mr. Shaw for the first time was daunting. I expected a foul mouthed, dirty, shallow negro. He was not. He is someone who loves music, women and wealth. You cannot knock him for that. He is a man who has found his niche in life and is riding the wave. I admire that.


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