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GalleryStories: Trina

To be standing next to the baddest bitch, was really a trip. Although I expected Trina, (woop, woop…pull over) would be in possession of an ass that rivaled my own. But hands, down, she just doesn’t have that “fat ass” anymore and I for one was disappointed.

What Ms. Trina is is gracious, beautiful and an excellent performer. At her Vegas Laugh A Thon performance, she shared the spotlight with Rick Ross and Yung Joc. Quiet and shy, seemingly, she turns on and off the “rapper girl” persona rapidly and restricts her “performances” to the stage.

Working with Trina was pleasant. She is not a drama queen, she is not moody or demanding and she was, I repeat, was and is a Lady, with a less fat ass these days!

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