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Of course [John Witherspoon] is funny — in real life. No, he doesn’t dress quite like that — in real life. In fact, Mr. Witherspoon is a much calmer version of the “Pops” kinds of characters he plays on television and in the movies.

I was lucky to be providing professional hospitality services for him in a comedy production: All Star Weekend Valentine’s Day Laugh-A-Thon Comedy Extravaganza 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada, courtesy of [No Salary Cap Entertainment.]

What do I do? As hospitality coordinator for NSC, I am provided a copy of the rider information for the artist, and I fufill the rider as indicated.

This includes arranging for transportation, lodging, catering and dressing room needs as well. Then I am on hand the night of the show to assist with last minute needs, execute the production (make sure talent is comfortable get on stage on time, etc.) and ensure that the show/event goes well.

As for John, he was very much the gentleman and refreshingly sophisticated and cultured. Witherspoon has a ‘tween son, enjoys good wine, is well traveled still, down to earth. Oh yeah, and funny as hell!

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