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I have not done anything for ten years straight, except for the awesome, arduous, rewarding task of being a mother. My daughter Nyla has always been supportive of my writing, even when it has taken me away from her to long meetings, late-night interviews and writing stories that keep me up all night at my computer; grumpy, smelling like bitter old coffee and growling at her creeping up behind me. She bears with me through it all. Her requests are few, her latest: to be able to babysit for the babies and children of those whom I interview.

She is my truest partner, who has unyeilding faith in me and my creative thought process.

Hers is a creative process to be reckoned with as well, for she is a dancer, singer, seamstress, artist, Girl Scout and an all around intelligent, caring, compassionate child.

She has made this last decade of mine worth living.

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