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Sometimes writers just get stuck. This was the case for me in several points in my life, but especially 2003. Many things happened that year to help me find my way on the journey, one of them was meeting Ice Mone?.

I was working on a story about Victor Barnett, and Running Rebels Community Organization RRCO?. He hosts talent shows, and this particular one was at Centenial Hall, in downtown Milwaukee. It drew National acts as well as local ones. I didn’t know who I wanted to interview, but I knew it was someone. Prior to that, I had not gone cold to a show and hustled? for an interview.

Many of the artists were too busy to speak with me, but one — Ice Mone carved out the time for he and members of his organization to speak with me. It was nerve wrecking, and my pen and pad of paper shook right along with my knees.

But I tried to be cool. Hometown talent, Shorty Thick, well, I just was nervous. He responded by reassuring me that speaking to him would be easy, and in the end it was. He was a gem: talented, decent and honest. What resulted was a Business Journal article, that revived my career so to speak. Click on the link to read the article

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